Comparing quotes

Explaining the 10/50 vegetation clearing rule
September 28, 2017
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Comparing quotes

How do you know what to look for in a tree company?  Why are some quotes cheaper than others?

When speaking with clients, we often hear that they are confused by the variance in price between companies.  To help you make a decision, we have listed some key considerations when choosing a contractor for your job:

  1.  Insurance.  Does the contractor have insurance for public liability and workers compensation?  If your chosen contractor does not have this insurance, what will happen if damage occurs to your property?  Who will pay for repairs?   If workers compensation is not paid, what will happen to the staff if someone is injured?  Ask to see the insurance paperwork and always call the insurance company to check that the documents are valid.  Bob and Ben the Tree Men keep copies of our updated insurance certificates here on our website:
  1. Council Approval. Does the contractor ask to see evidence of Council approval for tree removal?  Fines for illegal tree removal can be thousands of dollars for both the contractor and the resident.  Bob and Ben the Tree Men will always ask to see approval if the tree is a protected species and can assist you with the process of application.  We have an excellent relationship with local Council and we do not remove trees without Council permission.
  1. Reputation. Does the contractor have a good reputation?  You can check this easily by searching the company name online.  If you can’t find the contractor online or can’t find any public reviews, perhaps reconsider.  Good quality contractors receive multiple reviews online from satisfied customers.  No one is perfect but if the majority of reviews are positive and consistent over several sites, then you can feel confident in your decision.  Google Bob and Ben the Tree Men to check out our online reviews.
  1. Waste.  What does the contractor do with their green waste?  Tipping is expensive and the costs need to be built in to the price of the job.  If a quote is significantly cheaper than others, the green waste may be illegally dumped, creating work for local council and leading to higher rates for residents.  Bob and Ben the Tree Men dispose of all our green waste ethically and legally.  Some green waste is given away free to those who request it but the majority is recycled.  We NEVER tip mulch in factory complexes, on the side of the road or in the National Park.

Bob and Ben the Tree Men are committed to providing a quality service, working with integrity and producing excellent results.  Our workers are experienced professionals who are paid well and fully insured.  We work with the latest equipment to complete jobs quickly and efficiently.

You have worked hard to pay for your property.  Don’t entrust your biggest asset to the ‘cheapest quote’ without checking it out first.

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