Hurstville City Council Tree Pruning and Removal Info

Kogarah City Council Tree Pruning and Removal Info
September 28, 2017
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September 28, 2017
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Hurstville City Council Tree Pruning and Removal Info

This is the second in our series about the different rules and regulations in regards to tree removal and pruning in your council area.

This week we cover the Hurstville City Council (HCC) area

This information is sourced from the HCC Website which can be found HERE


What can be trimmed or removed without Council approval?

The following trees don’t require council permission regardless of size:

Also, permission is not required for any commercial or domestic fruit tree except Macadamia integrifolia.


What do I have to get permission for?

Written permission is required from the council for the follow trees regardless of size:

In addition to the above permission is required for pruning or removal if the tree is:

  • three metres or more in height
  • it has a circumference of 300 millimetres or more, measured at a height of 450 millimetres from the ground
  • it has a branch spread of three metres or more.

Permission will granted if it can be proved to council that the tree is dead or dying or that it has become a threat to people or property.

To facilitate the approval process Council will sometimes require a report from a qualified Arborist to support your application. We can provide such a report.
Contact Bob & Ben for further information should you need a report.

A downloadable HCC application form is available HERE

Once completed, your application must be lodged at the Hurstville Civic Centre Customer Service Centre.
An application fee must also be paid upon lodgement.



Determination of your application.

HCC’s Tree Preservation Order aims to keep as many trees within the HCC area as possible and it is what will determine the outcome of your application.

The following reasons are NOT seen as adequate justification for pruning and/or removal.

  • View
  • Shade (except where a medical condition can be proven)
  • Leaf or twig fall
  • Minor damage
  • Personal concerns (where the applicant feel the tree is unsafe but this cannot be proven)
  • Blocked pipes
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