Kogarah City Council Tree Pruning and Removal Info

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September 28, 2017
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September 28, 2017
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Kogarah City Council Tree Pruning and Removal Info

This is the third in our series about the different rules and regulations in regards to tree removal and pruning in your council area. This week we cover the Kogarah City Council (KCC) area This information is sourced from the KCC DCP 2013 which can be found HERE As with most Councils, KCC place a high value on the retention of trees in their area, but they also understand that effective management sometimes entails pruning or removal. The following is an outline of their rules and regulations.


What can be trimmed or removed without Council approval?

The following trees don’t require council permission regardless of size:  

  Also, permission is not required for any emergency work undertaken SES, Rural Fire Service or another Authority.


What do I have to get permission for?

Any tree that is not in the above list and has:

  • A height greater than 3.5m, or
  • A branch spread exceeding 3 meters in diameter


Gaining approval

To gain approval from KCC you must do the following:

  • Fill out an application form; available for download HERE
  • Get the written consent of the land owner
  • Provide reasons for removal/pruning
  • Provide a description of the tree/s including type, size and location

When the above is completed council will grant approval when:

  • It can be proven that the tree is dead or dying, A report from a Qualified Arborist is required which Bob & Ben can assist with
  • It can be proven that the tree represents an immediate threat to life and/or property, this also requires a report from a qualified Arborist which we can provide

In deciding the above council will take into account the following:

  • The current and future uses of the effected area
  • The health and safety of the tree
  • The Characteristics of the tree both current and future, these include height, spread, trunk diameter and life expectancy
  • The damage or potential damage the tree may cause

KCC won’t give approval for any of the following reasons:

  • To erect a fence
  • To avoid leaf litter
  • To increase light
  • To improve views
  • To reduce shade
  • To reduce fruit, resin or bird droppings
  • Minor lifting of paths or driveways
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