Managing School Trees

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September 28, 2017
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January 8, 2020
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Managing School Trees

Managing School Trees

Bob and Ben the tree men are experts at Managing School Trees.

All schools are required to have an annual Tree inspection from an AQF level 5 Consulting Arborist to assess the health, safety and risk of the trees within the school and to provide the school with a report setting out the actions required in low, medium and high risk categories.
Bob & Ben the tree men can assist with the following;

Provide a AQF level 5 Consulting Arborist with extensive experience writing risk assessment reports for Department of education, Catholic Education and private schools.

Free consultation with Schools regarding any tree issues that arise from your report or may fall outside annual reporting. This consultation helps schools better understand what the report requires in plain English, not technical jargon. We help schools get the most from their tree budget.

Provide a skilled and qualified team of professionals to complete any required tree work while being compliant with all Safety requirements.

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