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Reliable Stump Grinding Services

After removing a tree or trees, you'll be left with unwanted stumps in your lawns or gardens. It’s best to remove these with tree stump grinding. Here’s why: 

  1. Old stumps can be unsightly look messy as they decay
  2. They can provide a home for termites or other garden pests 
  3. People can trip over them and they can be obstacles for lawn mowers
  4. They take up valuable garden space that you could have otherwise use better

Bob & Ben the Tree Men can completely or partially remove stumps using our range of stump grinders. Just call us or request a quote. We have the stump removal equipment and the expertise built up through years of service to locals in the Sutherland Shire and St George area.

Why Stump Grinding Is The Best Way To Remove Tree Stumps

As earlier mentioned, cutting down dead, unhealthy, or unwanted trees leaves behind ugly stumps that occupy valuable space in your lawns or gardens. Grinding your tree stumps allows you to quickly create space for new gardens, lawns, patio, or new .

It can take many years for stumps to rot down, and this process may give rise to potential diseases that can spread to other healthy trees.

Stumps from many different tree species do not die when the trees have been cut. Their roots continue growing and may interfere with your underground drainage or water pipe systems. Your foundations may also face similar problems. You may also be forced to deal with constant regrowth that sprouts from the tree stump or from many points along with the remaining root system.

Stump grinding provides an excellent fast solution by totally getting rid of the stump from the ground.

How are Tree Stumps Ground? 

We use specialist Stump grinding equipment to break down the unwanted stumps on your property. Our machines feature high-speed rotating blades fitted with tungsten teeth, hardened with carbide. These characteristics allow them to grind through tree stumps and roots below ground level.

Within a short period, the tree stump is reduced to wood chips and dust which we can pick up and remove or you can use as mulch.

We have a wide range of stump grinding equipment to grind any size tree stump at any level of difficulty. 

Here's an example of stump grinding in action.

Tight Access Stump Grinding

Our tight access stump grinder

Some tree stumps are located in tough-to-reach places with St George and Sutherland Shire landscapes. We have ground out stumps in all sorts of areas including steep terrain, narrow access, tight corners, riverbanks, and more. 

In these situations, we use specialised equipment such as handheld stump grinders.  Our handheld grinder, which can be carried up or down paths and stairs, suits jobs with difficult access, stumps in raised garden beds or next to pools.  

Our compact machine can fit through doors and narrow spaces yet still grind large stumps.  

Grinding Large Tree Stumps

For very large stumps that need deep grinding or complete removal, our 70hp grinder is the most suitable. For example, when preparing a building site for new construction.  Grinding out a stump before excavation can be more cost-effective than using an excavator and paying tip fees.

Our large Rayco RG50 grinder can grind out stumps completely to prepare a building site for excavation. 

Equipment such helps us attack any stump grinding job you ask us to complete.   Before we start, we perform precautionary measures such as determining underground power lines, water and gas pipes, or broadband cables. So it's important to determine where the services run under your property.  You can check this by calling Dial Before You Dig on 11 00.

Once your stump has been removed to a suitable level, you can replant, turf over the top or excavate for building.  A small pile of grinding mulch will remain on the job and can be spread around the garden or left to settle. We can also take it away if requested.

Which Varieties of Tree Stumps Can You Grind Out? 

We can deal with any tree stump variety. Some tree species like Camphor Laurel are termed as 'invasive Pests' and require to be ground down. Grinding them to the ground ensures that such problematic trees are terminated for good.

We can grind out the stumps of a range of trees - including

  • Palm trees
  • Gum Trees
  • Liquid Amber Trees
  • And many more

Bob and Ben, The Tree Men, provides stump grinding services across the Sutherland Shire and St. George areas of Sydney. Call us on 0409 208 540 or request a quote.

What Other Options Exist For Stump Removal?

You may choose to dig out tree stumps manually, but this can be a tedious task for bigger stumps.

It's also possible to hire lighter stump grinding equipment from certain outlets in Sydney for $100 to $200 per day. However, handling such equipment is highly risky unless you are a trained professional.

Another option is the use of excavators, but this is only possible if you have proper access to the tree stumps.

Chemical stump removal can also be an option to consider.  

All these options have their disadvantages compared to hiring a professional stump grinding service. You can end up damaging underground water or gas pipes as well as electric cables which can be highly expensive to repair. 

Furthermore, when handling different chemicals, you'll be exposing yourself to great danger since you lack proper training in accomplishing this task alone. You must also consider the cost of waste disposal after removing the stump, which can amount $100's.  

Why Choose Bob and Ben The Tree Men?  

We have years of experience in tree stump grinding. With a team of more than ten highly-trained experts, we offer professional services using an array of safe and high-end stump removal equipment. We provide friendly services to both residential and commercial clients throughout the Sutherland Shire and St. George areas. 

Call us today on 0409 208 540 or request a quote

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