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Based in Kirrawee, Bob and Ben The Treemen work in the Sutherland Shire and St George areas.

We are a team of skilled professional arborists who are experts when it comes to tree pruning. We can prune trees for 

  • residential clients,
  • strata companies, 
  • schools, 
  • commercial complexes and 
  • Government departments.

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We have the equipment and expertise in tree pruning to carry out your work. No job is too big or too small. 

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Tree Pruning Benefits

Tree pruning helps you both in maintaining your garden or backyard and the health of your trees. It's the process of taking out specific branches for the benefit of the whole tree. 

There are several reasons for pruning your trees:

  • removing dead damaged, pest affected or diseased branches
  • reducing the risk from falling branches
  • controlling or redirecting the growth of the tree
  • thinning growth from the centre of the tree to allow more light to reach the garden below
  • improving your view,
  • get rid of crossing branches that damage each other
  • shaping the tree and to stimulate growth in some areas of the tree

When Is The Best Time To Prune or Trim Trees In Sydney? 

In general, for most tree pruning in Sydney, the time of year is not important. What is important is the experience of the company you trust to prune your trees.

Each tree is different. Pruning work depends on when it was last pruned and the size and species of the tree 

So it's best to talk to us first so we can provide the best advice.

Why Tree Pruning Is Important

Here are four reasons that highlight the importance of tree pruning.          

Tree Pruning Helps Maintain The Health Of Trees. 

Routine pruning allows us to get rid of the disease-ridden and decaying parts of trees and shrubs. It prevents the spread of diseases and fungi to the healthier parts of the garden.

Trimming Trees Promotes Safety         

There's a reason why people call some gum trees "Widow Makers". Dead, diseased or damaged branches can break off by even a mild storm and can fall off anytime. 

Dead branches are a safety hazard to homeowners, children and property. That's why it is important to prune dead branches from time to time. 

Pruning of dead branches allows water and sun to reach smaller plants and trees. The pruning leads to reduced wind resistance. And this lets the tree stand firm against harsh weather conditions. 

Tree Pruning Can Give Better Views And Light

Clearing dead branches and minor limbs from trees improves visibility through the canopy. That is especially important if you have views or need to get more light on your property. 

Pruning or Trimming A Tree May Be A Better Option Than Removing It

If your tree has grown large and is causing concern, it is often better, and cheaper to prune the tree than to completely remove it. 

And that's a better option for the environment that your local council will prefer too.

Trees Provide a Cooling Effect

Trees cool their surroundings by providing shade and through evaporative cooling.  And they stop hard surfaces from absorbing heat. 

That's why living around trees is more comfortable. When you  prune a tree instead of removing it, you keep the benefits of having trees around your property.

Can I Prune Trees On My Own? 

First of all, it is important to understand that you can't hack away at your own trees when it suits you. You will need council permission to carry out most types of tree trimming and tree pruning.

Pruning is a technical task.  To do it well you need a  knowledge of tree growth, tree pests, safety and cutting techniques. You also need a knowledge of local council tree pruning guidelines to name a few.

There is also an Australian Standard (AS4373) for Arborists. We know it well and it sets out exactly how trees should be pruned and what are the accepted practices.

Our skilled Arborists can usually tell immediately when an amateur has pruneda tree.

Understanding Council Regulations

It's important to use a reputable arborist. Often disreputable tree companies give information to clients that is wrong.

If you carry out illegal work, both you and the tree company and the homeowner are responsible. Both will be issued with fines.
All local Councils in Sydney have different rules relating to tree pruning. Check their rules and regulations on their website to avoid fines.

How Much Does Tree Pruning Cost?

Hiring a professional arborist to prune and trim your trees can vary in price. The price depends on individual circumstances:

  • Pruning a larger tree costs more. There will be more branches that need trimming and the tree will be higher and thus more challenging to get to.
  • It goes without saying that more trees that need trimming, the higher you can expect the cost to be.
  • A tree is in a hard to reach or has difficult access will cost more because more we need more time to do the work. 

Don't get sucked in to over the phone estimates or online cost calculators. They underestimate costs to get your job, only to surprise you later with hidden charges later.

For a more accurate cost of your tree pruning please call us on 0409 208 540 or request a quote. We have the expertise and equipment in tree pruning to carry out your work. No job is too big or too small.

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