Sutherland Shire Tree Pruning and Removal info

husqThis is the first in our series about the different rules and regulations in regards to tree removal and pruning in your council area. We aim to provide you with all the info to navigate this complex topic in one place.

We’ll start with Sutherland Shire Council area

This information is sourced from the Sutherland Shire Council Website which can be found Here 

What can be removed without Council approval?

You can prune or remove the following without permission except where the tree has heritage significance. ( please contact the council if you think your tree may be of heritage significance. )











What can I be prune without Council approval?

  • You can prune up to 10% of a tree without permission.
  • Any branches that overhang a dwelling can be pruned without permission.
If you have a tree within 3m of your house, council will generally give you permission to remove it but you will have to fill out an application.

What do I have to get permission for?

Other than the exceptions noted above permission has to be granted for everything else.

  • You can find the online application here.
  • A downloadable application form can be downloaded here.

All applications are assessed by qualified council staff.

A common misconception is that council says “NO” to almost everything. This is not correct.   Sutherland Shire Council has a set criteria by which they assess all trees.  If your trees fit within this criteria then permission will be granted.

Trees on neighbouring properties?

Permission is needed from both council and the owner of the neighbouring property. There is a section on the application form your neighbour should complete and sign before submitting your request.

Contact Bob & Ben if you have any questions, we can help you through the application process.

We’ll cover Hurstville council next time.

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